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Keno is a highly exciting lottery game that is generally seen in the casinos but it is also not uncommon to see proceedings of the game at a state lottery or a similar place. The game involves a hollow sphere made of thin transparent glass which holds several numbered balls, usually starting from 1 and ending with 80. Before the draw is made a blower thoroughly mixes all the balls inside the glass chamber. There is a lever mechanism that will allow you to draw individual balls in a “V” tube named as the “rabbit’s ears”. The person drawing the balls is called a drawer and verifier will record the number of the balls on a board with numbers from 1-80. The called out numbers are marked with an “S”.

The caller draws 20 balls at regular intervals regardless of the bettors (or even if there are no players who wager the bets). The payout varies from one organization to another as they have different paytables that describe the payouts. So the main theme of the players would be to call different numbers and place a certain amount of bet on each of their number. The casino meanwhile draws 20 balls at regular intervals and waits for the bets to be placed. The numbers are announced by any media depending on where the game is being conducted. The house edge can be as low as 5% or even as high as 35% but on an average the house edge is 0-5%.